When does a Traffic Items Version get its T#?

  1. Media Inventory associated with the Traffic Item has been Approved

  2. Media for Media Inventory has been Arrived/Checked into BroadView
  3. Ingest Work Order for the underlying Media/Media Inventory has been completed, and the status has been communicated back to BroadView
  4. Traffic Item Version Status is Defined


  • The Traffic Item Version does not need to be on the Log to get a T# - this is not required
  • Running a Flatten List may help transition a Traffic Item Version's Media Status from Ready for Work to On Work List
    • But this transition, providing the correct criteria is met, should be automatic
  • Traffic Item Versions have many similarities to Packages and the Media Status transition that a Package typically progresses through within the Supply Chain 

How do you find the Media Inventory relationship between a Traffic Item Version and Media Inventory?

  • To view the Media Status - go to the Traffic Item Version form (general tab) and check the Media Status field
  • To navigate to the Media Inventory - 
    • From the Traffic Item or Traffic Item Version forms in BroadView, you can navigate to the Media Inventory via the Actions -> View Media Inventory menu item.

Tips To Troubleshoot a Traffic Item Version that is missing at T#:

  • What is the current Media Status of the Traffic Item Version?
    • Go to the Traffic Item Version form (general tab) and check the Media Status field

    • If it is stuck on “Ready for Work” – you need to review the Status of the Traffic Item Version.
      • It will need to be set to Defined to have the Media Status progress. 
      • Action:  The Traffic Item Version status needs to be set to Defined.
    •  If it is stuck at a status prior to “Ready for Work” (ex. No Status, Awaiting Media, Media Arrived) – there is an issue with the source Media Inventory Status or Media Status.
      • The Media Inventory has not successfully (started or) completed Ingest yet and has not proceeded to Ready for Use.   
        • This could be because the Media Inventory status is not Approved (which would block it from being ingested)
        • Or the Media Inventory media status has not transitioned to Ready For Use (possibly stuck in Ingest, etc.)
        • Action:  Check the Media Inventory status

When T Numbers Display on the log:

What is frequently happening here is: MOC Technicians run flattening list, then afterwards the group responsible for scheduling adds the Traffic Item to the schedule/log.

This does not automatically show up for the Technicians.  They need to re-run the Flattening report to get new urgent Traffic Items for flattening.

MOC Techs typically run the flattening list 2x per day – once per each shift start.