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BV Help Support Transition Tip sheet 

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Click Submit a new ticket to report an issue. This will open a ticket form
Login to your account to review ticket and contribute to tickets
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How to create a ticket

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Submit New Ticket:
  3. This will open a ticket form
  4. Input your name
  5. Provide your email address
  6. Input the problem/request Subject Line
  7. Select BV from "What do you need assistance with?"

  8. Select an option from the dropdown “Are you a member station?”
  9. Select Type from the drop down menu
  10. Type in details for this ticket in the Description box
  11. Attach a file/files if needed
  12. Click Submit

  13. Once your ticket is submitted you will receive an email confirmation
  14. Every time there is an update on your ticket or note is added an email will be send to you with details included.
  15. Each email will also include a ticket link so you can access/navigate the ticket with one click
  16. Replying to any of these emails will attach the reply to the original ticket