myPBS v14.0 and myPBS v14.1

  • Added default usage language to PBS program offer pages
  • Introduced sorting on program offer updates so that tabs appear in order of newest to oldest
  • Installed code on additional templates so that announcements and onboarding guides can be shared on Program Dashboards and Power Portal

  • Removed NRT from channel dropdown list on Report Advisories page
  • Removed NRT from channel dropdown list on Transmission Dashboard
  • Decommissioned NRT ticket form
  • Removed NRT channel filter from Advisories Beta View
  • Modified JSON error message associated with site search performance issues

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from un-following topics via Manage Followings and in their Activity Stream
  • Fixed an issue that caused some grid pages to display content from unspecified folders across the site
  • Fixed an issue in stored procedures that caused deactivated users to continue receiving the daily Email Digest


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