With our June 24 release, users of the PBS Member Workplace at will find that the menu link to the People Directory now takes them directly to the new standalone People Directory at The directory opens in a new tab, as recommended in user feedback.

The new directory at is mobile-responsive so that you can locate colleagues on the go using a tablet or smartphone. To take advantage of this added convenience, log in from your device to using your credentials.

This upgrade means a few changes to the sliding personal menu as well:

Edit Profile.....Now takes you to where you can edit your profile using your credentials.
My Profile......Retired
My Activity......Retired

Our research shows that a small handful of users access the My Activity tool. If you are one of them, this information is still available to you through a workaround.

To set up a link to your legacy My Activity page, follow the steps in the related tipsheet at Need additional guidance? Reach out to or by Live Chat.

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