Christopher Drayton: 
  • pushing program offers for NOVA running into issues. Deals do not have rights in RL which is blocking the creation of PO in myPBS. Chris will reach out to Ingrid - and status needs to be in correct status Ready for scheduling

Dawn Bozek:
  • do rights need to be in active status to push the offer? Yes, Offer can be pushed and updated later.
  • Dawn would like to search by nola code in RL
  • Dawn to send a mock up from BV to Rachelle for what the printable report should look like for proofing info for PO. Include status of deal, catalog and rights
  • Send Dawn the new manual process/link to create PO 
  • old POV episodes are not capturing/calculating the old release date in BV - example: ANRO 002228. BV isn't counting the releases.  2 options - nullify the old record or change the date on the new rights so they do not overlap with the old one and change the number of releases. We have nullified the record in this example. Jacqie will submit a ticket when she needs old rights nullified.
  • no more VOD rights on the program offer

Nwenna - N/A

Meeting Recording: