J. Todt

D. Field

L. Kalos

R. Byars-Sargent

V. Angelova

Action Items:


  • Large Payload.  POV issue was caused by a large payload.  We're on track to handle large payloads by Aug 28
  • When to create a dummy deal.   We only need a new "dummy" deal created when a new distribution season (and its linked shows) status is set to 'ready for scheduling'.
  • Adding standalone to External Publish Distribution Seasons. When adding a new standalone to a Distribution Season that has a PBS Traffic ID (eg, already synced to BV), the new standalone status must match the Distribution Season status to be sent to BV.
  • Hiding a New Standalone from PODS.  We cannot uncheck the BV Program Item > PBS Info > Publish flag if the new standalone is associated to a Distribution Season with a status 'ready for external publish'.  Once the BV deal publish flag is checked, BV auto-sets all the connected Program Items to match the deal publish flag.  This appears to be how BV has always worked – Rightsline did not introduce this “feature”.
  • The next large standalone collection created, Programming and IT will do it over a screen share.

We received confirmation from Lindsey to use the Series Compilation template.

  • Integration of this template into the Supply Chain will require process flow planning.

David found that PBS Traffic IDs are populated on the EDIT template.

  • IT can ask Rightsline to nullify that field on the EDIT template.