D. Field

J. Todt

L. Kalos

V. Angelova

R. Byars-Sargent

Action Items:

  • The new "dummy" deal creation.  We cannot reuse the same dummy deal.
  • There are times when Programming doesn't want to publish a standalone to PODS.   See notes on 8/6/2020
  • (Lauren) received a metadata alert for a "City Hall" show - this show is not a future schedule.
    • IT needs to investigate why.
  • (Lauren) Confirmed that they do not want IT to ask RL to keep parent/child statuses in sync.
    • Use case: when associating a new standalone to a Dist Season already sent to BV.
  • (Rachelle) RL confirmed that via the API we can determine who has edited a record and which fields were changed.
  • (Rachelle) Explained why it takes various durations of time to sync records to BV - it depends on how many transactions RL is processing at the time.
  • (David) Create a CR to support syncing Standalones with status 'ready for scheduling' when linked to Distribution Seasons with status 'ready for external publishing'.