Lauren K.


Action Items:

(Poonam) Lock down editing rights on Program Item to only Title and Episode Title.
        (Lauren) Ask BV why the special characters were not handled for Molly Denali special.

(Lauren)  Titles such as American Masters appear correctly in BV with the franchise title and episode title in separate fields.  Why doesn't The Vote appear that way?  The Vote still has the two titles concatenated.

(Rachelle) RE: the use of episode class "Special" vs. "Standalone" / "Episode Number" vs. "Distribution Order". Refer to  Send list of metadata training attendees to David to compare list of Programmers -Determine who to reach out to offer metadata training.

(Poonam) Need an SOP re: how to cancel a catalog record.  RL users need to know to delete identifying characteristics such as nola code, nola root and episode number when canceling.

(Poonam)  Add David Field to the Program Ops Super User group.  Give Program Ops Super User group editing access to PBS Traffic ID field.

(Poonam) Check integration code to determine how code handles episode cancellations?  Does it delete the RL ID from the Bank?

(Jacqie/Lauren/David) Review the standalone matrix to determine that is captures all the ways the integration code should detect when to treat a show as a standalone.