Content Managers should use this workaround to ensure that program offers have the needed episodes attached to them.

1. Open Programs A-Z and search for the program. Example FRON 3312 Escaping ISIS

2. From the pop up window click on the Episodes tab

3. Open the Episode and from the Push Pin menu click on Properties

4. Copy the following highlighted information in a notepad. You will need to add it to the Program Offer.

5. Now go to the Workarea and navigate to the program offer.

6. Open the program offer (Example Frontline 3312: Escaping ISIS) and click on Edit

7. Attach any episode summary to the offer. You can do this with the first one on the list from the pop up window so now the program offer will show that episode attached.

8. Now scroll at the bottom of the window and click on the following symbol "<>"

This will show the code behind the content.

9. You need to locate Line 5 of the code where the line starts with "<EpisodeSummary datavalue"

10. In this line you will need to update the following text:

      - Replace the Episode Summary Title

      - Replace the Episode Summary Content ID

11. Now Scroll to the bottom of the window and click on the pencil symbol

12. Now you should see the correct Episode Summary on the Program Offer

13. Click Check In or Publish. You are done.