As a listings manager, I want to lift the restriction that requires a Broadview flag status of "ready for external publishing" so that I can update information for any show in any state of publication readiness.


Prior to this release, the National Listings Aggregator queried the PODS4.Schedule to determine which shows to import into Aggregator. All shows coming to the Aggregator had the status “Externally Published.”


This arrangement does not provide our internal systems with sufficient lead time to craft show synopses that meet listings service criteria and allows for perfusion of incorrect show synopses throughout the public television system through Program Offers and other venues.


To address this issue, we have updated the Aggregator’s queries to pull the same data from the

TrafficData.Timeline instead, and default to "true" when the Aggregator passes a date to the PODS SQL Web Service.  This change will give the communications staff access to scheduled PBS shows that are designated as ‘Internally Published” so that they may have ample lead time to craft show synopses that will appear throughout our internal systems and replace any incorrect synopses before they reach member stations or the viewing public.


Web Service Details**

* Interface Type:         PODS SQL Web Service                                                           

* Interface Signature  BVCalendarDay[] GetBVCalendarDaysDetails(DateTime p_dtScheduleStart, DateTime p_dtScheduleEnd, string Channel);                                                            

* Interface Type          WCF Web Service