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Reference #: 4722232

With this release, a new tab has been added to the episode- and one-time-only level interface to house a new Keywords feature. Keywords are delivered to Mbank for storage. The new Keywords feature will begin delivering Gracenote-compliant Keywords in a future sprint as part of the Aggregator's Listings output. Gracenote uses these terms to suggest shows for viewers to watch.  Up to six terms can be stored in each category.

There are 7 categories
- Character - Who [required; values stored at the record level only]
Subject - What [required; taxonomy]
Setting - Where [required; taxonomy]
Time Period - When [required; taxonomy]
Theme - Why [required; taxonomy]
Mood - Feel [required; values stored at the record level only]
Other - [optional; values stored at the record level only]


With this release, Genre (Primary Genre) is now display-only in the Aggregator, as Rightsline controls this data point.

The Secondary Genre feature reflects the Enterprise Metadata Model data point of the same name. Previously, this data inhabited Aggregator's "Keywords" tab. This data is delivered to Mbank for storage and to TiVo as part of TiVo's "Keywords" feature which classifies shows for viewers. Up to five terms can be selected. 

The launch of Rightsline and new EMM categorization for Program Types required an update in the field data that National Listings Aggregator is sending to Broadview. As Rightsline is now the "owner" of the Deal Name, Aggregator no longer makes updates to that field.

In the case of one-time-only, changes to the Episode Title in Aggregator will no longer be passed back to Broadview. For all show types, changes to the Asset Title and Asset TitleListing in the Aggregator will result in updates to the Program > Program Title in Broadview.
The updates to the Asset Title and Asset TitleListing integration also necessitated an update to the related stored procedure in CAS.
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