Release Notes SubjectRightsline Integration Release Notes - 12/16/2020
Are the release notes for RL Integration?YES
IMPROVEMENTS1. The code has been improved to create 50 - 360 One -Time -Only records when the status is ready for scheduling from RL to BV.

2. Also when 50 - 360 One time Only is set to ready external published in RL , they will published in BV.

3. The code is improved to Register manifestation Package ID in Mbank, when a new pbs edit is created .

4. The code is improved to not update deal title in BV .
FIXES1. For series ,season ,the code is fixed to change entity_title' with 'display_title .

2. For uc -7 , the code is fixed to not create manifestation (PBS edit) in Mbank.

3. The code has been fixed to populate release date field on the OTO/episode/recut-episode when field is blank or have a value of 9/9/1900 in RL.

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