How to locate the Channels
Step and ActionsResult
1. Login to will land in the Schedule page
2. Once inside BeBanjo, from the top menu click on Catch-Up

By default All channels is selected.

You can also use the Filter dropdowns to narrow down your search on various criteria. Click on the "+" button if you want to add multiple filters

Click on Show

It will show the list of shows based on your search criteria in the VOD staging area page

3. To view shows of any particular channel, select that channel from the dropdown, for example "HD01" and click on the "Show" button on right.This will populate only the shows available for HD01. It shows the first 100 results in the page.
How to locate the Linear Schedule
Steps and Actions

1. To view the Linear Schedules in BeBanjo, from the same Catch-Up page, click on "Linear Schedule" link on top

It will take you to the Linear schedule page
2. The Linear Schedule page includes two options to search

Search with scheduled date. Click on the drop down for dates and you can view the dates ranged on weekly basis. By default, current week is selected.

Search by channels.

Click on Show

Schedule entry is populated based on these dropdown selections
3. To select the schedule of a specific week, click on the dropdown and pick that week. The dropdown populates the date on weekly basis.

To select a specific channel, go to the channel dropdown.

By default the first channel is selected. Select HD02

Click on "Show" button on right.

It will show all the shows scheduled for Week 1 of the given date range and HD02 channel
4. You can check the scheduled time by simply hovering on the shows.