1. Login to BeBanjo    

2. Click on the "Schedule" menu from the top navigation bar. It will take you to the schedule entry page    

3. Now, click on the "Add" drop down. It will populate two values. Click on "Schedule entry" from the list

4. This will take you to the "Add schedule entries" page where you can schedule the show of your preference.    

5. In the Content field, start typing the name of your content. It will populate the result based on your search. Select your preferred show from the list    

6. Depending on the contents, it may populate some additional fields for you to precise your entry. Fill out all the required fields including Platforms, Starting/Ending dates etc.    

7. When you are done, click on "Add Schedule entries" button    

8. Go back to Schedule entry page (you can also click on Schedule menu on top which will take you to this page). Set your filters as per your scheduled date and platforms. Click on the "Show" button

Note: In the screenshot's example above, the episodes for "Arthur" has been scheduled for 2021 January - 2023 January for the platform "FVOD > Clearleap > USA > GA (EST)

9. Scroll to the date for which you scheduled your shows.You can see the scheduled entries for your shows in the list.