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Reference #: 4847763
With this release, the Aggregator now consumes data from the Metadata Bank. Get connections are available to the Episode and Season entities.

"As a listings aggregator, I want to get the Listings data that I need to create good Listings Reports from the Mbank so that I am positioned to improve the quality of show metadata I share with internal and external sources."
The Aggregator's user interface has been updated to deliver contents of the Season: Sequence field and Episode: Class and Episode: Content ID: EIDR fields from the Metadata Bank during the Pull Request process. As there is no concept of Season in Aggregator, these fields will appear on the Episode record.
"As a listings manager, I want to obtain Season Sequence, Episode Class, and EIDR ID #* from MBank so that I can more accurately describe details about my show." 

  • Aggregator pulls data from Broadview-based systems several times daily. Mbank data will flow into the Aggregator record as shows approach their scheduled air dates and get updated in the upstream systems.
  • While this data will be available to other products in the ecosystem, the inclusion of these data points in outgoing Word and XML reports will take place in a future sprint.

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