When producers can't see funder spots/adcopy in the "Select to re-use existing spots" Funder wizard please follow the below steps:

Check the followingYesNo

1.) Is the AdCopy approved?
Is the AdCopy included on a submitted Media Inventory?

Go to Next Step.AdCopy needs to be included on a Submitted Media Inventory
2.) Is this a "COMBO" AdCopy?

Ensure "Funders Delivered in Discrete Spots? selection on Step 2 "Funding" is "No".

Go to Next Step.
3.) Verify AdCopy Funder is selected on the new UCC

Go to Next Step.

Select the AdCopy Funder on Step 2: Funding.

4.) Verify AdCopy was created under the same OU as the producer. (the producer who created the adcopy should be under the same OU as the producer who wants to reuse it)Create a ticket at support.pbs.orgCreate a ticket as support.pbs.org