There are three causes for missing rights in BeBanjo. When you're missing rights, review the following causes to understand next steps:

1900 start date on migrated rights
  1. Check if the rights were migrated in RL
  2. If they were migrated, check if they are set to "Active" but are missing required fields
  3. If they were migrated and are missing required fields, submit a support ticket
  4. The team will work with Ingrid to make the needed changes so the rights can arrive in BeBanjo

1900 start date
  1. Check if the rights are set to "Active" in RL and are linked to a Catalog with a status of "In Progress" 
  2. Reach out to Jacqie or Marie if it's a pledge program to set the Catalog to "Ready External Publish"
  3. The rights will then arrive in BeBanjo

Copy/pasted rights records
  1. The rights will be set to "Error" in RL
  2. Ingrid will see the error, nullify the Traffic ID field, and set the rights record back to "Active"
  3. The rights will then arrive in BeBanjo