Are the release notes for RL Integration?YES
NEW1. Rightsline code has been added to handle Creation of new series, season/recut season ,episodes/recut episodes & PBS Edit associated to a new PBSDS deal.

2. Rightsline code is added to handle creation OTO with or without distribution season associated to PBSDS deal.

3. Rightsline code is added to identify and process ' Ready External Publish OTT ' status for internally published PBSDS catalogs.

4. Rightsline code is added to create new OTO associated to published distribution season and to published PBSDS deal.

5. Rightsline code is added to create a new OTO and associated to published PBSDS deal.

6. Rightsline code is added to create a new Episode/ Recut Season associated to published season/recut season and to published PBSDS Deal.

7. The code is added to automatically create funding records in downstream systems when a catalog is set to Ready for scheduling in RL.

8.The code is added to Create and monitor 'Referent Type' field values on the Episode, OTO ,Recut-episode to Mbank .
IMPROVEMENTS1. The code is improved to externally publish series/ standalone series when a season is set to Ready External Publish in RL.

2. The calculated fields in RL is set to desired when a Rights In |Trigger Event field value is selected.

FIXES1. Standalone series updated in RL and 'Reel South' & 'PBS on Voces' franchise is removed from episodes and franchise list in RL.

2. The time format in code is updated ,so that the events show up on correct dates in SSRS report.
OPERATIONS1. DRM is added in constraint type value on the Rights templates as per CR submitted by Rights Department.

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