Are the release notes for RL Integration?YES
NEW1. The code has been added to create Rights Out records from RL to Mbank and Downstream systems.

2. Continual monitoring of active Rights Out Records.

3. Deletion of the active Rights Out Records.

4. Code is added to create and monitor "Presenting Company" ,"Production Company" and "Copyright Holder" contacts from deal, series, season, episode and OTO from RL to Mbank .

5. Code is added to create and monitor "Exclusivity" field from RL to Mbank.
IMPROVEMENTS1. The code has been updated to only send Rights with service = PBS Member Station to BV, rights with all other service will only be send to Mbank.

2. Th code is updated for release date field that can be changed whenever the event is updated or removed which is a first exhibition .

3. The code is updated to only show one episode per event in the SSRS reports.

4. Code is updated to support rights deletion and updating in BV based on service field .
OPERATIONS1. Bulk Updating maximum simultaneous rights fields in RL for migrated records.

2. Bulk updating existing Rights with service = "PBS" and "PBS Member Station".

3. Migrating old Rights Out records in Production.

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