Connecting to the Broadview Client via "Remote App"

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to:

    1. This will open the "Work Resources" page within the Remote App environment.

  2. On the "Work Resources" page, PBS Staff enter your PBS username and password. Non PBS Staff enter your Orion username and password 

    1. Note: The username must be prefixed by "BRADDOCK\"

    2. Click the sign in button to continue.

    3. This will open the RemoteApp and Desktops page.

  3. On the "RemoteApp and Desktops" page, double click the BroadView icon to launch the BroadView prod client. If you need to access Broadview System test please click on tvscleint_test icon.

    1. Note: The browser may prompt you to open a ".rdp" file. If prompted, select open/OK to continue.

  4. You may be prompted again with a subsequent dialog indicating "Do you trust the publisher of this RemoteApp program?".

    1. The publisher is * (PBS).

    2. Click "Connect" to continue.

    3. Note: It is in this particular dialog, if you click the "Show Details" link on the bottom, you can optionally select which local resources (clipboard, printers, disk drives, etc.) you want to be accessible to the BroadView client.

      1. This particularly useful if you want to save reports run from the remote desktop session to your local hard drive, or print to a local printer, etc.

  5. After clicking "connect" on the dialog above, you will be prompted to enter your credentials again. PBS Staff should enter their PBS credentials. Non PBS Staff should enter their Orion credentials.

    1. Enter your PBS username and password

    2. Note: The username should be prefixed by "BRADDOCK\"

    3. Click the OK button to continue.

  6. Tip: If you click the checkbox at the bottom to "Remember my credentials" you will not need to rekey this information in the future.

  7. Note: You may see the "RemoteApp" dialog window showing "Starting Broadview" briefly appear. The BroadView client will open shortly.

  8. Once the BroadView client launches enter your Broadview user id/password to log into BroadView.

    1. Note: For live/production access, ensure the System specified is "PBS Production"

    2. If you need to access Test env please select "PBS RDM - Do Not Use" from the system drop down menu

    3. If you need to access Dev env please select "" from the system drop down menu

  9. At this point, you can close the browser you originally opened to launch the RemoteApp.

    1. When you are done with your BroadView session, simply close the BroadView client.