Are the release notes for RL Integration?YES
NEW1. Code is added to create pledge breaks/supplemental records from RL to Broadview, so that can have pledge breaks and pledge drives can added for the member stations.

2. Code is added to monitor pledge breaks when any field is updated from Rightsline .

3. The code is added to monitor the cancellation of supplemental records from Rightsline , so that the episodes can be archived in Broadview.

4. The code is added to create and monitor Geo-spatial area field on the rights template from RL to Mbank.

5. The proxy is added in the code to send 10 requests per second to Rightsline , so we have less airdate record failues.
IMPROVEMENTS1. The existing code is updated to add EIDR ids on series, season, episode, recut episode and OTO records when they are added in Mbank.

2. The code is updated to add auditing fields on Manifestation and PBS Edit payloads when sending data from Rightsline to Mbank.

3. The RL code is updated to not add special titling on distribution season titles on the downstream systems.

4. The code is improved to add new PBSd deal template as blacklisted template.

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