The software release on April 13 represents subtle changes for the user of standard PBS Offers and PBS On-Air Fundraising Offers. Other Offers will not be affected. The frontend experience appears largely cosmetic. However, under the hood, the Program Offers system has received significant upgrades.

Approximately 50% of the data integrations for the Program Offers push system are new or updated. Details are delivered to the Offer from the Metadata Bank. The Offer consumes the Rights Out and Window Rights details that originate in Rightsline.

-- we are introducing the Supplemental category within the context of the On Air Fundraising Program Offer The Supplemental category represents a feature for the future.
Over time, the system will begin to expose supplemental material related to the show property. One of the most beneficial places to start is with items like Pledge Breaks. Therefore we have provided a space that can adapt to the needs of this new metadata category over time.
-- With more integration comes a more automated program offer. This results in more accurate details, and more needed information being delivered directly from the system and therefore requiring less manipulation by the PBS staff members responsible for creating Offers.
-- Without changing the Offer's appearance drastically, we were able to improve legibility with some simple fixes, summarized below.

-- Producers, Distributors, and Presenters appear on separate lines.
-- Funders appear on separate lines, each with a dedicated underwriting rule and constraint appearing adjacent to the Funder name to reduce confusion.

-- Permissions details present more data points directly from the Mbank to improve accuracy and reduce manual effort.
-- The Prohibition section is now automated, consuming only Blackout type prohibitions. Previously, this information was generated by hand as it was not possible to deliver this data through an integration.
-- Field headers are now aligned at the top of the related content field.
-- Footer and Notes text have been updated to accurately reflect links and legal details that pertain broadly to the documents.
To support the changes described above, we have delivered new database views.

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