Are the release notes for RL Integration?YES
NEW1. The Rightsline code is added to automatically create Post Production DEI job for associated catalogs (OTO, standalone) when deal status changed to 'Ready for Rights', so that producer can deliver the data as per timeline.

2.The code is added to send reminders if Post Production DEI form is not accepted, and due date is 30 days away.

3.The code is added to continually monitor Intercompany rights out, so changes can be monitored and remain in sync between all systems.

4. The code is added to archive episode/OTO records when episode is set to "Cancelled OTT" for future forward records.

5. The code is added to archive rights records when intercompany rights out is set to "Inactive" for future forward records.
IMPROVEMENTS1. The code is updated to continually monitor records when the records are "Internally published".

2. The code is updated for House sequence field to be desired, so digital records can integrate downstream.
OPERATIONS1. DEI Post Production form for 2023 published records are migrated .

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