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Release Notes - Version 1.3.0 - Nov 1, 2018

  • Ability to consume missing media notifications functionality from the message queue populated by ESB System and send alerts to distributors so that distributors can be made aware when media for uploaded programs is missing.
  • Remove Program rights had ended or Rights not present conditions from the inactive logic so that programming team criteria for inactive logic has been met.
  • Ability to send email digest for delayed and late media exceptions so that one email is sent for media exceptions to the distributor.
  • Updates to the Daily report that includes missing series title information and invalid synopsis characters.
  • Ability to determine the appropriate distributor status for a Package based upon the newly updated naming in which the total number of statuses are reduced from 10 to 4.
  • Ability to have an automated solution to detect removal from schedule and trigger ad-hoc metadata update when a package is removed from schedule
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