After the Programming Team has created a Deal record and associated (a) Catalog(s) to the Deal, the record can go through its pre-set workflow within the system. The Rights / Legal Team will take the Deal record through its remaining steps.

Programming Team:

  1. Pending - When create a Deal should be in a “Pending” status. It will stay in this status until a Catalog has been associated to the Deal. 


  1. Ready for Rights - Once a Catalog has been associated to the Deal, click on the status to see the dropdown menu of Deal Workflows. Click on “Ready for Rights” to indicate that a Catalog has been associated, and that Rights can now be entered your Deal.


Rights/ Legal Team:

  1. Rights Pending - Once Rights / Legal has finished setting up the Rights on the Deal, the team can change the status of the Deal to “Rights Pending”. This indicates that preliminary Rights have been set up for the Deal.


  1. Rights Complete - Once the Rights / Legal team has received the executed contract and has set up all the rights on the Deal per executed contract, change the Deal status to “Rights Complete”.


  1. Deal Complete - The next (and final) workflow step is to change the status to “Deal Complete”. 

The following is required for a Deal to be considered complete:

    a. The contract has been executed and attached to the Deal record.

    b. All Deal fields have been entered and finalized.

    c. All Catalogs on the Deal have been created and finalized.

    d. All rights on the Deal have been entered and activated.

    e. All Jobs on the Deal have been completed. Click here to access the Jobs User Guide.

Revising a Completed Deal:

  1. In Revision - If a Deal needs to be revised after it has been marked “Complete”, designated users within the system will be able to put the Deal in “In Revision” status.

Cancelling a Deal:

  1. Cancelled - Designated users will be able to cancel a Deal at any point throughout its journey, after it has been created. To cancel a Deal, select the “Cancelled” workflow action. This Deal will be recorded in the system for audit purposes as a cancelled Deal.

a. Once it is cancelled, the Deal will be locked. Only designated users will be able to open it back up for revisions.


 Deal 'Pending' Status - Deal Pending Status

Deal 'Ready for Rights' Status - Ready for rights Status

Deal ' Rights Pending' Status - Rights Pending Status

Deal 'Rights Complete' Status - Rights Complete Status

Deal 'Deal Complete' Status - Deal Complete Status