Create new Re-up deal from RL to BV 

- episode not in RL 

- episode exists in BV

- deal is not in RL 

- deal is not in BV


There are four main sections for the Re-up deal creation in BV-


  1. Deal and Catalog Information is entered
  2. Required fields to be populated
  3. Deal status is set to “Ready for Re-up Rights”
  4. Episode status to be set to ‘Ready external Publish’.
  5. Episode have pbs_traffic_id





1. Open New PBS deal template page.

Select the Deal Create sign from RL page.

RL Deal page is displayed.

2. Enter the below required Deal template fields:

  • Deal Name
  • Programming Service
  • PBS Alliant ID

Type the desired values for the fields:

  • Deal Name- Name of the contract
  • Programming Service - Identifies which PBS Distributor
  • PBS Alliant ID- 4 numbers contract ID 

The following fields are displayed on the deal template –

  • Deal Name
  • Programming Service
  • PBS Alliant ID

3. User will create an episode which is in BV in Rightsline. 

Select Catalog and create Episode in RL. 

Catalog template is displayed.

4. Enter the required fields in RL episode template.

Type the values in episode required fields:

  • Sort-Friendly Title- The series title with article at the end
  • Display Title- The full series title with article at the beginning
  • Title Language - defaults to English
  • PBS Reporting Category (Primary)- PBS's primary genre
  • PBS Synopsis Short-

240-character official episode synopsis

  • Country of Origin-

Default The country

  • Approx. Length-

Approximation of the episode's total run time

  • PBS NOLA Root-

Alpha Characters that make up complete NOLA code identifier for broadcast

  • PBS NOLA Code-

Numerical characters that make up complete NOLA code identifier for broadcast.

  • Edit Use- Type of Edit (i.e. US broadcast, UK Version, Theatrical)
  • Edit Class-The purpose of the edit
  • Producer-Producer Name
  • Director – Director Name

Select the ‘Auto Create Child Catalog Items’ on the OTO template.

The following fields are displayed on the episode template –

  • Sort-Friendly Title
  • Display Title
  • Title Language
  • PBS Reporting Category (Primary)
  • PBS Synopsis Short
  • Country of Origin
  • Approx. Length
  • PBS NOLA Root
  • PBS NOLA Code
  • Edit Use
  • Edit Class
  • Producer
  • Director


5. Go to Episode, to add pbs_traffic_id value.

On the episode template, enter the value on the pbs_traffic_id field like

PBS_traffic_id value is added on the episode template.

6. Go to deal associations tab, go to catalogs + sign and associate the new episode.

Select the Episode/OTO and associate on the deal association page.

The new catalog(episode/OTO) is added to the deal/season template.

7. Go to deal template summary page and change the deal status from ‘pending’ to ‘Ready for Re-up Rights’

Change the deal status from ‘pending’ to ‘Ready for Re-up Rights’

RL Deal template status is changed to ‘Ready for Re-up Rights’

8. Go to episode to update status.Change episode/OTO status to 'Ready External Publish'.Episode/OTO is set to 'Ready External Publish'.
9. Go to Deal template, to check pbs_traffic_id is populated.If pbs_traffic_id populated update deal status from 'Ready for Re-up Rights' to 'Ready for Rights.'PBS_Traffic_id is populated and deal status updated to 'Ready for Rights.'