Used by Programming to verify data in Rightsline with the data in the myPBS Program Offer.



Steps to run the report

Open Rightsline's Report tool

  1. From the Rightsline left rail, click the Reports icon (bar chart image)
  2. From the top tabs, click the Report Builder link.
  3. Locate the left menu, click the Templates grouping.
  4. Navigate to the PBS folder >.
  5. (if necessary) From the subfolder list, click Program Operations team.
  6. In the center pane, click to open the report titled Program Offer Printer Friendly.

    Specify a NOLA Root
  7. Click the PBS NOLA Root button
  8. Click the drop down arrow
  9. Type in the desired nola root - such as AMEX

    Specify an episode number
  10. Click the PBS NOLA Code button
  11. Type in the episode number - such as 1778

    Run the Report
  12. Click the orange Apply Filter button

    Export the Report to PDF
  13. Click the blue outlined Export button.
  14. Select PDF from the menu.
  15. In about 3 - 5 minutes check your email for the report.