Where is data coming from for the FirstAirDate Report?
The data on the report comes directly from the MBank. The report will have what the MBank has.
I don't see stacked episodes on the FirstAirDate Report. Why?
The FirstAirDate report only shows episodes that have RL IDs. Since stacked episodes are not in RL they will not show up on the FirstAirDate report. 
I thought the FirstAirdateReport was going to exclude records that did not have an Alliant contract ID.
We changed the code to only show episodes with RL IDs. Additionally, we will filter out records that have the PAA1 template type.
I'm seeing incorrect dates on the FirstAirDate report. Why?
There are premiere date rules in Broadview and we populate data on the report based on those. We recommend that you check Broadview as it's possible there is an Out of Rights Range error that is causing the correct date to not be populated on the report.
Items are missing from the FirstAirDate report.
If there are no primary rights and for channel HD01 it is looking for primary channel rights, then the episode will not show up in the report. If there are primary rights, open a ticket on the Support Portal so the team can investigate and confirm why items are not appearing as expected.