There are four main sections for the Re-up deal creation in BV-


  1. Catalog status is set to 'Ready External Publish'.
  2. Deal and catalogs have pbs_traffic_id field populated in this format - " xxxxxxx" , if the ID is prefix with alliant ,please update it manually in BV.
  3. Deal and catalogs have been created in BV .




1. Open PBS deal template page which needs to be updated.

Search the deal record.

RL Deal page is displayed.

2. Update the deal fields:

  • Programming Service

Select the desired updated value for the fields:

  • Programming Service - Identifies which PBS Distributor

The fields are updated on the deal template –

  • Programming Service

3. The value is updated in BV.

Check in BV if the value is updated.

PBS distributor field is updated on deal and episode templates.