Updating Rights records in RL to BV 


There are three main sections for updating rights in BV:


  1. Rights record is populated with Enterprise Metadata UID in RL
  2. Rights Status is set to “active”
  3. Service = 'PBS' or 'PBS Member Station' or 'PBS Member Station-PDP' OR 'PBS FRP'
  4. Catalog status is set to “Ready for Scheduling” or “Ready External Publish”
  5. Catalog have 'pbs traffic id ' populated in RL.






  1. Locate the desired deal template and scroll down to the rights section.
  • Search and identify the desired deal template where to Rights records.
  • Desired deal and rights are displayed.
  1. Update the fields on the Rights-In Record in RL and click save.

The fields that can be updated- 

•           Term Start 

•           Term End

•           Media

•           Type of Play Rule 

•           Unlimited Releases?

•           Number of Airs

  • Service
  • The rights records are updated.
  • Rights-in record are updated in RL.

3.   Confirm the fields are updated in RL.

  • Click in Mbank and check the rights are updated in permission section.
  • Rights are updated in Mbank.