There are three main sections for updating rights in Mbank:


  1. Rights record is populated with Enterprise Metadata UID on the rights record in RL.
  2. Rights exist in Mbank.
  3. Rights Status is set to “active”
  4. Catalog status is set to “Ready for Scheduling” or “Ready External Publish”
  5. Service = 'PBS' and 'PBS Member Station'   






1.Locate the desired deal template and scroll down to the rights section.

  • Search and identify the desired deal template where to Rights records.
  • Desired deal and rights are displayed.
2. Confirm the rights records have pbs_traffic_id populated.
  • Click in RL and check the rights record have pbs_traffic_id.
  • Rights record have pbs_traffic_id in RL.

3.Update the fields on the Rights-In Record in RL and click save.

The fields that can be updated- 

•           Term Start 

•           Term End

•           Media

•           Type of Play Rule 

•           Unlimited Releases?

•           Number of Airs

  • The rights records are updated.
  • Rights-in record are updated in RL.
4. Confirm the 'Rights In | Trigger Event ' field is not populated.
  • Click in RL and check the Rights In | Trigger Event field is set to 'Select'.
  • Rights triggering fields are not updated.

5.Confirm the fields are updated in RL, also service = 'PBS' and 'PBS Member Station'.

  • Click in Mbank and check the rights are updated in program item and deal.
  • Rights are updated in Mbank.