These are main sections for copying the rights record:
  1. Rights In records are created .
  2. User have ability to copy the rights . 
  3. User have ability to remove pbs_traffic_id and metadata alert.




1.Open desired deal .

Select the Deal Create sign from RL page.

RL Deal page is displayed.

2. Find the desired rights in Record .

Select the rights in Record from the rights tab.

Rights In Record is displayed.

3. Click here to duplicate the rights.
Follow the steps and copy the rights record.
The steps are completed to copy.
4.Click the "Copy To Copy any valid data and associations from the record to the template:" field.
Choose the desired option to copy The option is selected.
5.Click this dropdown to select Window Rights Template.

Follow the steps and copy the Record to Window Rights and click 'save'.
The Window rights template is selected.
6.The rights record will be copied and choose by Template.
Select the Rights by Template and see all the rights record.Rights Out record is copied.
7.Unselect the other Services .
Select PBS Member Station - PDP
service for PDP rights.

Desired service is selected.
6. Remove these fields:
'PBS Traffic ID'
'Enterprise Metadata UID'
Metadata Alert'
These fields are removed on the selected record.Fields are left blank.
7. set the rights status to 'Active'
Select the Window Rights record and set the rights to 'Active'.The Window Rights records are set to 'Active'.