There are six main sections for the Rights Out integration to BV-


  1. Rights In Information is entered.
  2. Required fields to be populated.
  3. Season status is set to “Ready for Scheduling.”
  4. If start and end is different from Rights IN records
  5. Rights Out records have service = PBS Member Station and PBS, if it needs to go to BV.
  6. Rights Status is set to “Active.”





1.Locate the desired deal template and scroll down to the rights section.

  • Search and identify the desired deal template where to create Rights records.
  • Desired deal is displayed.

2.Locate the desired rights record and copy.

  • Search and identify the desired rights template which ones to copy to Rights Out records.
  • Select and copy the records.

  • Select ‘Copy To’ option and ‘Rights out’ template and ‘Save’.




  • Desired rights out record is created.

3.Update the below fields on Rights-Out Records as needed like:

  • Term Start 
  • Term End
  • Media
  • Service


Type the values in the fields on Rights-Out Records to update:

  • Term Start- The date rights start for a catalog/contract.
  • Term End- The date rights end for a catalog/contract.
  • Media
  • Service – Select PBS and PBS Member Station for PBS rights out record.


The following fields are updated on the Rights-Out Record-

  • Term Start 
  • Term End
  • Media
  • Service


4.Remove the below listed fields on Rights Out Records are needed like :

  • PBS_Traffic_ID
  • Enterprise_Metadata_UID
  • Metadata_alert
Remove the values in the fields on Rights -Out records
The copied fields are removed.

5.Update the status on the Rights-Out Record to “Active”

Click on the Rights status to update from “Pending” to “Active”.

Rights-Out record status is set to Active.

6.   Confirm the PBS Traffic        ID is populated on Rights-Out Records.

Click in BV and check the rights are created on associated deal /episode.

Rights are created in BV.