There are four main sections for updating catalog status when shared by PBSd to PBS -


1.         Deal and Catalog Information is entered.

2.         Required fields to be populated.

3.         Season /OTO status can be set to “Ready for Scheduling OTT.”

4.         Intercompany rights are associated with the season.






1. Open the desired catalog template page.

  • Select the Catalog from RL.

RL Catalog Summary page is displayed.

2. Check the deal association on the catalog summary page.

  • Click the deal tab on catalog summary page.
  • Make sure Intercompany deal is associated.

Intercompany Deais associated with season/OTO.

3. Open the associated deal and check PBS Programming Service contact.

  • Click on the deal template.
  • Scroll down to Contacts section.
  • On General, PBS Programming Service have a contact associated.

PBS Streaming contact is associated to the PBS Programming service contact, this so that permissions can be set for this contact.

4. Take action on the Season /OTO template. 

  • In the top upper right-hand corner of the Season/OTO, Click on Workflow Status 
  •  Click on “Ready for Scheduling OTT”.

Season/OTO status set to Ready for Scheduling OTT.